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Day 1 -Rex pacificus (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, ca. 1525–1594)

Day 2 -La seraphina/La bernardina (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/1455–1521)

Day 3 –I am a Ioly foster(anon., copied ca.1510–1520)

Day 4 –Fors solemant (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 5 –Adieu mes amours (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 6 –The borys hede (Richard Smert, fl. 1428–1477)

Day 7 –Tu solus qui facis mirabilia– Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 8 –A Musque de Biscaye (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 9 –In te domine speravi (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 10 –Fortune disperata (Josquin) & Fui serrato nel dolore (Serafino of Aquila)

Day 11 –Green growth the holy (Henry VIII, 1491–1547)

Day 12 –Jigsaw canons (John Lloyd, ca. 1480-1523)

Day 13 –Pange lingua gloriosi (Francesco Guerrero, 1528–1599) / Pabana francesca

Day 14 –Un nino nos es naçido (anon. «Cancionero de Uppsala», 1556)

Day 15 –La Ingrata (Domenico da Piacenza, ca.1400–ca.1476)

Day 16 –Bergerette Savoyard (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 17 –Cantata Domino (Adam Gumpelzhaimer, 1559–1625)

Day 18 –La Deploration de Jehan Okenheim (Josquin de Prez, c.1450/1455–1521)

Day 19 –Adios mi amor (Francesco Guerrero, 1528-1599)

Day 20 –Riu riu chiu (anon., «Cancionero de Uppsala», 1556)

Day 21 –Long Hail Mary (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Day 22 –O magnum mystery (Tomas Luis de Victoria, ca. 1548–1611)

Day 23 – A, my dere son (anon., Fayrfax Manuscript, ca.1500)

Day 24 –Office natalis Christi (Orlando di Lasso, 1530/32–1594)

1-24 December:

Every day brings a new treat for the ears:
a series of 24 short moderated videos of Renaissance

music brightens the lead-up to Christmas;
Music to sing with and other highlights
from previous ReRen concerts
combined with video clips of music
for the Josquin year.

Old and new:
A real advent calendar printed in the paper museum.
with 24 colored windows into the world of Renaissance music.
On the inside of the opened windows
24 QR codes light the way
directly to the 24 Advent video clips,
moderated by Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon.
Musicians: from ReRenaissance.
Development: Elizabeth Rumsey and Elisabeth Stähelin.

For comments join us on Youtube or follow us.
A new video everyday  at 17.15

Illustration: Stained glass window from the chapter house of the cathedral in Constance. 
Strasbourg, c. 1480 - Peter Hemmel von Andlau: Photo Peter Portner

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