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Glasfenster Engel aus dem Historischen M
Un niño nos es naçido (anon. «Cancionero de Uppsala», 1556)

Un niño nos es naçido (anon. «Cancionero de Uppsala», 1556)

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«Un niño nos es naçido»

Cancionero de Uppsala (1556)


From “Un niño nos es naçido” 28/11/21

Barfüsserkirche, Basel Historical Museum


Vocal ensemble:

Florencia Menconi
Giovanna Baviera
Ivo Haun
Elam Rotem


Musical director: Ivo Haun


Live concert recording: Oren Kirschenbaum

Moderation: Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon

14 Juan Correa de Vivar - La Natividad.jpg

Picture: La Natividad, 1533–1535. 

Juan Correa de Vivar (1510–1566).

Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Un niño nos es naçido
hyjo nos es otorgado
Dios y hombre prometido
sobre divino humanado.

Niño porque en las gentes
nunca primero fue visto
en cuerpo y anima mixto, 
mostrando sus acidentes.


Un niño que a los bivientes 
oy comunica su ser 
y comiença a padescer 
sobre divino humanado.  

«I do not want to say that the use of villancicos is bad, since they are so commonly heard in all the churches of Spain that one has the impression that the desired reverence cannot be achieved if villancicos are not sung. Nevertheless, I do not want to say that it is always good: they do not invite us to prayer, but rather distract us from it … there are people who are so disengaged from the faith that they go to church only once a year, and perhaps miss Mass on feast days simply because they are lazy and do not want to get out of bed. But if they know that villancicos will be sung, there are no people more devout and attentive than they.»

(Pietro Cerone - El Melopeo y el Maestro, 1613)

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