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Glasfenster Engel aus dem Historischen M
La Ingrata (Domenico da Piacenza, ca. 1400–ca. 1476)

La Ingrata (Domenico da Piacenza, ca. 1400–ca. 1476)

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«La Ingrata»

Domenico da Piacenza (c. 1400–c. 1476)


From «Misura, Memoria, Aiere, Mayniera» 30.05.21
In the Barfüsserkirche, Basel Historical Museum


Dancers: Véronique Daniels, Martin Meier, Christian Tanner
Musician: Félix Verry – Lira da braccio


Artistic director: Véronique Daniels


Dance concert:

Video recording: Oren Kirschenbaum

Audio recording and mastering: Oren Kirschenbaum

Final video cut: Luc Quaglia

Moderation: Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon

Picture: Courtly dance accompanied by lute and fiddle. Bolzano, Runkelstein Castle, anonymous fresco, c. 1395.

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