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Glasfenster Engel aus dem Historischen M
Bergerette savoyene (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

Bergerette savoyene (Josquin des Prez, ca. 1450/55–1521)

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«Bergerette savoyene»

Josquin des Prez (c. 1450/55–1521)


From «Odhecaton» 28.03.21
Barfüsserkirche, Basel Historical Museum


Doron Schleifer – Voice
Tabea Schwartz – Recorder
Elizabeth Rumsey – Viola d’arco 
Ryosuke Sakamoto – Lute


Musical director: Tabea Schwartz


Live concert recording: Oren Kirschenbaum
Moderation: Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon

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from Missa «Es hat ein Sinn»  

Mathieu Gascongne (c. 1485 -
c. 1540), 
Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek F, f. 18r.

bergerette savoyenne,
Qui gardez moutons aux praz:
Dy moy si vieulx estre myenne:
Je te donray us soulas,
Et ung petit chapperon;
Dy moy se tu m aymeras,
Ou par la merande ou non.


Je suis la proche voisine
De monseigneur le cura
Et pour chose qu on me die,
Mon vouloir ne changera,
Pour Francois ne Bourgoignon.
Par le cor Dé, si fera,
Ou par la merande ou non.

Shepherdess of Savoy,
who guards the sheep in the fields,
tell me if you will be mine:
I will give you some entertainment,
and a little bonnet;
Tell me if you will love me,
whether it is deserved or not.


I am the nearest neighbour
of the curate,
and, whatever I am told,
my desires will not change
for Frenchman nor Burgundian.
By the power of God, it will be so,
whether it is deserved or not.

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