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Im Mayen – Lasso Project Choir

There were countless songs for the merry month of May as early as the Renaissance. Love poems and life-loving texts with a seasonal reference such as the famous In Mayen you can hear the roosters scratching are also set to music by Orlando di Lasso. In this concert, these pieces are performed by a mixed vocal quartet that accompanies itself on instruments, sometimes adding elaborate vocal embellishments to the sung lines. The special sound of the lute duo, which could already be heard in the September 2020 concert, is making a comeback with younger repertoire from the later decades of the 16th century. But not only the vocal quartet, but also interested choral singers* have the opportunity to join in the preparation and get to know famous ensemble music from the original notation Lassos from a new perspective. Participation free of charge.

Ivo Haun – vocals, lute; line | Jessica Jans – Vocals | Giovanna Baviera – vocals, viola da gamba | Rui Stähelin – vocals, lute | Management team ReRenaissance: Tabea Schwartz


From May you will receive sheet music and audio material for personal preparation. In the concert, three pieces will be heard together by the vocal ensemble and project choir.

Director Ivo Haun

Registration deadline: April 15th

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